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ReCverin 50/50

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    ReCverin 50/50™ is our best Vitamin C serum.

    Vitamin C actives are gentle, safe, and natural antioxidants, which is why dermatologists recommend them for all ages and skin types.

    ReCverin 50/50™ is all about absorption!

    Our patented serum features L-dehydroascorbic acid, the only bioavailable form of Vitamin C known to rapidly penetrate the dead outer layer of skin, providing antioxidant protection deep within the living tissue.

    This pleasant, patented solution, containing both of the natural forms of Vitamin C, is scientifically formulated with that simple goal in mind: to deliver more Vitamin C deep into the skin than any other topical Vitamin C preparation.


    • Repair sun damage
    • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Brighten and even skin tone
    • Stimulate collagen production and crosslinking
    • Provides photoprotection from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation
    • Neutralize skin-damaging free radicals with its powerful antioxidant protection

    Answers to your questions below:

    Why does ReCverin 50/50 absorb so well?

    The answer is simple: Our formula contains L-dehydroascorbic acid.

    There are two forms of natural Vitamin C: L-ascorbic acid (used in most skincare products) and DHAA (exclusive to our formula). Our skin absorbs DHAA much faster than L-ascorbic acid. Once deep in the tissues, our cells quickly and repeatedly convert between the two forms giving each the same antioxidant capacity.

    How much Vitamin C does ReCverin 50/50 contain?

    ReCverin 50/50 contains 5% Vitamin C, making it safe and recommended for all skin types, including sensitive. 

    More is not always better!

    ReCverin 50/50 is made with DHAA, which is absorbed 12 times faster than L-ascorbic acid – it delivers a higher concentration of Vitamin C deep into the skin than any other product.

    L-ascorbic acid, the primary ingredient in most Vitamin C serums, is absorbed very slowly. In-fact, over a period of four hours, your skin will only absorb about 1% of the L-ascorbic acid you apply. To compensate for this, other manufacturers use very high concentrations, up to 20%! Unfortunately, this is only minimally effective, and worse is that the high levels of Vitamin C in these products can irritate the skin!

    ReCverin 50/50, with its lower concentration of more-effective Vitamin C (DHAA) is not only more effective but also gentler than any Vitamin C serum on the market today.

    Read our clinical study demonstrating the superior absorption of DHAA in actual human subjects: Topical Dehydroascorbic Acid (Oxidized Vitamin C) Permeates Stratum Corneum More Rapidly Than Ascorbic Acid

    What ingredients are in ReCverin 50/50?

    ReCverin 50/50 has just three ingredients: DHAA, L-ascorbic acid, and pure vegetable glycerin.


      This non-acidic form of Vitamin C is absorbed 12 times faster than L-ascorbic acid. DHAA quickly moves deep into the living layers of skin. Here, DHAA is rapidly converted to L-ascorbic acid and provides maximum antioxidant and collagen-stimulating benefits.


      This acid acts as a keratolytic; it loosens proteins in the stratum corneum (outer, dead layer of skin), and encourages absorption of water, glycerin, and DHAA.


      This powerful, water-soluble, skin-identical moisturizer is exceptionally safe and effective at smoothing rough, dry skin without clogging pores. It is noncomedogenic.

    There are NO:

    • Emulsifiers
    • Detergents
    • Preservatives
    • Artificial Colors
    • Fragrances

    Why Don’t Other Brands Contain DHAA?

    There are two reasons:

      1. DHAA is difficult and expensive to manufacture; and

      2. In most solutions, DHAA rapidly degrades into products that are no longer Vitamin C. For example, a typical solution of DHAA in water becomes almost completely degraded in just a few days. Until we discovered how to stabilize DHAA in pure glycerin, it has been impossible to distribute in liquid form.

    Please read our guidelines (below) regarding the stability and proper storage of ReCverin 50/50™.

    How should I store ReCverin 50/50?

    ReCverin 50/50 may be stored at room temperature if you intend to use the whole bottle within 2 months. It will retain over 90% of its stated Vitamin C content for that time. During this time, you may notice the color change to golden yellow. This is not harmful and does not minimize the benefits of Vitamin C.

    For storage over 60 days, we recommend that you fill a small dropper bottle (optional add-on, here) for daily use and store the remainder in the freezer. ReCverin 50/50 is incredibly stable at freezer temperatures, showing no measurable decline in Vitamin C for over four years. ReCverin 50/50 is immediately placed in freezers after manufacturing. All orders are shipped directly from our freezers to your door. If a freezer is not available, refrigeration is adequate. It will extend the life of the product for up to one year.

    How do I use ReCverin 50/50?

    Use once (AM) or twice daily. Apply to sun-exposed skin, focusing on the face, neck, arms, and hands. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

    For best results, apply 3-5 drops directly after cleansing and toning, while skin is still damp. ReCverin 50/50 may also be mixed with water-based moisturizers (immediately before use) to aid in even application.

    Please keep in mind that ReCverin 50/50™ is carefully formulated to stabilize Vitamin C. We recommend that you do not premix with water or lotions for later use, as it may lead to product degradation.

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