Learn more about the science involved

ReCverin LLC is founded in the science of Vitamin C, with particular focus on the oxidized form called DHAA. We believe that the more you know about this science, the more you will appreciate the value of our products.

We believe the most reliable information can be found in scientific literature. Therefore we dedicate this page of our website to a bibliography of titles, with links to the articles, which are pertinent to a general understanding of Vitamin C, with specific emphasis on DHAA. These titles are selected, for the most part, because the research contains experimental data that illustrates the chemical nature or biological behavior of Vitamin C.

ReCverin LLC does not necessarily agree with the interpretations or conclusions drawn from that data by the authors. In particular, any statements about disease found in any of these articles are strictly the opinions of their respective authors. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.