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ReCverin C

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    ReCverin C™


    ReCverin C™ contains 15% L-ascorbic acid as a stabilized solution in pure, vegetable glycerin. It provides the moisturizing, collagen-stimulating and antioxidant power of L-ascorbic acid in an ultra-pure, fragrance-free, moisturizing base with no harsh chemical preservatives. For firmer, smoother, more radiant-looking skin, apply daily before any other skincare product to the face, neck, hands, arms, and other exposed skin.

    Answers to your questions:

    Why do you sell ReCverin C when ReCverin 50/50 has so many benefits?

    The answer is simple: We know many of our customers are interested in pure L-ascorbic acid products. Sometimes people prefer simple L-ascorbic acid serums for broader use or as a base for DIY Vitamin C skincare.

    I've read your description of ReCverin 50/50 and I'm worried about purchasing a pure L-ascorbic acid product. Does ReCverin C work?

    Yes! It isn't as effective or as gentle as ReCverin 50/50, but pure Vitamin C is still good for your skin! 

    ReCverin C™ is as effective as any competing high-strength Vitamin C serums. In fact, it has many benefits over these other products:

  • ReCverin C™ is extremely stable. It will easily retain greater than 95% of its stated L-ascorbic acid concentration for a year when stored at typical room temperatures, and it will remain crystal clear and colorless. With ReCverin C™, you are free to ignore any concerns about stability and/or yellowing of your Vitamin C skin serum!
  • ReCverin C™ does not contain emulsifiers, detergents, preservatives, colorants or fragrances. Formulated in pure vegetable glycerin, it does not require any unnatural chemical agents that can contribute to skin sensitivity or cause undesirable skin reactions. Glycerin is the natural humectant found in sebum, the fluid that skin normally secretes onto its own surface. This water-soluble, skin-identical moisturizer has been used for centuries for its cosmetic effects in smoothing and moisturizing the skin, and also for its soothing, beneficial effects on rough, dry and irritated skin.
  • ReCverin C™ is economical. The two-ounce bottle contains 2 or 4 times more serum than a bottle of most competing products.
  • What should I consider when choosing ReCverin C?

    The biggest barrier to Vitamin C absorption: The Stratum corneum The stratum corneum is the dead outer layer of skin that acts as a barrier to protect your living skin cells. However, it poses a significant barrier to absorption of the common form of Vitamin C called L-ascorbic acid. Therefore L-ascorbic acid serums are most effective when they contain a high concentration of L-ascorbic acid. They are also more effective when used every day, and when they are not washed off the skin for many hours. Nevertheless, daily topical use of a high-strength serum like ReCverin C™ has been shown to increase the Vitamin C concentration in skin to higher levels than can be achieved by oral ingestion of Vitamin C. The pH of an L-ascorbic acid serum has been shown to be a critical factor; absorption is much improved in serums with pH values of 3.5 or lower. ReCverin C™ is formulated at pH less than 3.5 for best absorption.

    Please be aware that some people experience tingling or irritation after applying high-strength L-ascorbic acid solutions. For most people, if they experience them at all, these effects are mild, temporary, and completely tolerable. But those with very sensitive skin can have difficulty using high-strength L-ascorbic acid.

    We highly recommend our premiere product ReCverin 50/50™ for anyone who is seeking even greater absorption of Vitamin C yet with a more gentle product, and particularly for those with very sensitive skin.

    How do I store ReCverin C?

    ReCverin C™ Use and Storage Guidelines:

    Apply daily to the face, neck, arms, hands and other exposed skin. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

    • We suggest using 3-5 drops for the face, and a similar application rate for other, similar-sized skin areas.
    • Apply to clean skin before any other products, and massage in thoroughly.
    • ReCverin C™ can be used directly as supplied, or it may be mixed with water immediately before applying. We suggest applying to moist skin or mixing with a little water by placing a few drops of water and product in the palm and rubbing the hands together. Water combines with the humectant glycerin base to create a deep-penetrating moisturizer that absorbs quickly and gives a skin texture that many people prefer. Vary the proportions to the consistency you desire.
    • ReCverin C™ blends nicely with most lotions. You can mix a few drops with another lotion immediately before applying, or you can apply another lotion immediately after applying our serum.
    • Please keep in mind that ReCverin C™ is carefully formulated to stabilize Vitamin C. One of the secrets to its stability is that it contains no water. We recommend that you do not premix with water or lotions for later use.
    • Store at room temperature or below. For best results, use within 1 year.
    • A Special Note for Do-It-Yourselfers

      Making do-it-yourself skin care products is a popular hobby. We respect and admire those who blend their own in that quest for the perfect, individualized composition of ingredients! Both ReCverin C™ and ReCverin 50/50™ can be utilized as a starting base or component of the water-soluble fraction of your own formulas.

      A particularly popular composition among DIYers contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Ferulic Acid, commonly known as a "CEF Serum," and there are many different and varied recipes. To demonstrate how our products can be used by DIY folks, we have prepared a video that shows how an excellent and easy CEF Serum can be prepared featuring ReCverin C™. This recipe focuses on maintaining a water-free composition to preserve the remarkable stability of the Vitamin C component as provided in ReCverin C™.

      See our YouTube Video

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